What is Maiden Oracle?

A community where you can find information regarding ancient sects of knowledge, daily guidance, and cosmic wisdom.

How Can I Help Improve Your Human Experience?

By shedding awareness on the parts of your psyche that you have buried in your subconscious; by uncovering the karma/baggage that is weighing you down and preventing your growth; by helping you make sense of the mission you are on earth to complete. The list is endless!

Mission Statement

To help as many souls as possible achieve alignment with their highest good; to do my part in manifesting the ascension of the collective consciousness.


The Woman Behind the Curtain

My name is Leslie, I am (almost) 23 years old and reside in the American state of Arizona. I am originally from Mexico City, and have spent the past decade in the United States.

I am your typical millennial in myriad ways: I enjoy memes, binge watching Game of Thrones, and thoroughly relish the demise of racists and homophobes. On the other hand.. In many other ways I am an ancestral soul who takes very little interest in the mundane: I would much rather spend my weekends sipping tea, fixing candles and meditating than going out to bars and making friends *insert nerdy emoji here*

Some more random facts about me: I am mother to two chubby pugs and a mischievous kitty, dabble in the visual arts (drawing, painting), and love to sing.

My astrological profile: Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon and Ascendant, Libra Mercury, Scorpio Venus, Cancer Mars.

Numerological profile: Lifepath 5, Destiny 7.

I work with the following deities: Ganesha, Santa Muerte, Virgin Mary (as well as my personal ancestors and higher self of course!)


What led me to pursue the path of Shamanism/Spiritual Guide?

From a very early age I discovered that I was not like most people; I have always possessed "wisdom beyond my years." Growing up I was often dubbed an outcast and faced "persecution" by my peers (very much a manifestation of karma from many lifetimes of being persecuted, as a witch, as a healer, etc.)

I was initiated into the Shamanic path at the age of 3 via a near-death experience (drowning,) and have slowly been delving deeper and deeper into spirit ever since. What fully catalyzed my full immersion into the spiritual path was a run in with mental illness: After a heavily abusive, codependent relationship around the age of 18, I fully developed symptoms of depression (soul-loss.) I became a shell of a person, someone who often contemplated whether it was worth it to keep going. It was by turning to spirituality that I managed to nurture my spirit and body back to balance and good health. Ever after managing to cure myself of a condition that psychiatrists told me I would have to battle until the grave, I realized that my calling in this incarnation was to help people heal and achieve the same level of personal integrity and wholeness that I have created for myself.

What started as simple curiosity, has now led me deeper into the rabbit-hole that is the Universe than I ever imagined: and thus here I am now! Ready to pass on the torch to as many souls as possible!

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The Rambling Scribe

Hello, I’m Sacha and I am the writer of the Page of Wands blog. Early in life I discovered that I could see auras and I have been fascinated with the metaphysical world ever since. I have been actively studying metaphysics for ten years, and I specialize in astrology, aura reading, Tarot, and numerology. I also dabble in past life regressions, meditation, crystal magic, household witchcraft, and pretty much anything remotely spiritual that I can get my hands on.

Apart from the blog, I am currently working on a fantasy novel series, and for now that’s all I’m willing to say about it! I’ve loved writing stories since I was a child, and I am finally embracing my calling as a writer. I have struggled with the classic “jack of all trades” problem my entire life. Everything is interesting to me, and I pick up new skills quickly, but my focus switches to something new before I can work on something long enough to master it. Even so, though my attention waxes and wanes, I always find myself pulled back to writing eventually.

Thankfully, I have been able to meander backwards and sideways through enough fragments of metaphysical information over the years that eventually I found myself stumbling through the threshold of something resembling genuine expertise.

My Metaphysical Profile

Get to know me whilst previewing the various subjects I will discuss in my blog

Personal astrological profile: Cancer Sun in 8th, R Cancer Mercury in 7th, Pisces Moon in 3rd, Leo Venus in 9th, Taurus Mars in 6th, R Scorpio Jupiter in 11th, and R Pisces Saturn in 3rd. Sagittarius ascendant, Virgo midheaven.

Generational astrological profile: R Capricorn Uranus in 2nd, R Capricorn Neptune in 2nd, R Scorpio Pluto in 12th.

Asteroid astrological profile: Virgo Chiron in 9th, Gemini Ceres in 7th, Taurus Pallas in 5th, Libra Juno in 11th, Gemini Vesta in 7th

Dominants: Mercury, Jupiter, Moon; Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer; Water

Numerology: Lifepath 2, Destiny 5, Desire 11, Personality 3, Birthday 9

Aura: Indigo/lavender, misty, cool to the touch, widespread but translucent

Enneagram: 9w1 The Peacemaker with Reformer Wing

Myers-Briggs type: INFP, The Mediator

Tarot personas: Page of Wands, Queen of Cups, High Priestess

Deities: Saraswati, Thor, Artemis, Papa Legba

Animal Guides: Donkey, cat, crow, tiger, rhino, flicker, fox

And now just for fun...

Bonus—Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Bonus—Wand: 13.5", dogwood w/ unicorn hair, slightly swishy

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